123.Grande Moulin De Paris

From outside the perimeter wall it looked amazing:

Why don’t mills look like this in the UK?

Standing close to it it feels imposing, almost threatening:

I love the way that the architectural detailing has been carried on to every little outbuilding:

Admittedly inside is a massive disappointment. It’s been derelict some 20 odd years, and it’s location meant it was trashed after 5 years. It’s just a shell, with every inch covered in graffiti.

Ground floor:

On the upper floors there isn’t much by way of floors, only really beams:

Where there were bits of floor, mainly around stairs, they were rotten, and full of holes.

Climbing the tower was a little hairy, I’m used to not having a handrail, but the outside wall was also full of human sized holes. Leaning down over the edge was unpleasant…

From t’other end, shiowing modern extension:

Finish with this external, the graffiti is a view around 10 paces forward of this wall:

Cheers for looking.
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