Seven years ago, UrbanX bought a DSLR. Originally interested in getting into candid street photography, he Googled "urban photography" and discovered urban exploration. From that point on, his life was changed forever.

With his work impacting on the scene within the UK and beyond, UrbanX remains an explorer at heart. Despite the word 'photography' appearing in his website's url, UrbanX insists that he is : "an explorer, who just happens to take photographs"

Once he started exploring abandoned spaces, it wasn't long before UrbanX became weary to UK sites and began to yearn for more exotic adventures. The next three years saw him become obsessed with the abandoned ghost town of Pripyat, adjacent to Chernobyl. He continually visited and explored the exclusion zone, clocking up more 'zone time' than any other Western explorer, allowing him complete fulfilment of his post-apocalyptic visions in a landscape devoid of other human contact.

Since 2007, UrbanX's obsession with urban exploration has taken him all over the world, from the cockpit of a 747 to Singaporean rooftops, from the iconic chimneys of Battersea PowerStation to the depths of the drainage system beneath London's streets.

When asked recently how he views exploring, he replied that "It is no longer a hobby, but more a lifestyle" Despite seeing fellow explorers falling through floors next to him and dramatic encounters with armed police, he is undeterred and remains committed to exploring everything - Even if that means risking it all.