Ditchingham Mill Added
25th November 2010 - 0 comments
A "Death Trap" of a silk mill located deep in misty Norfolk

Report Here:
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Rhys Photoshoot Added
18th November 2010 - 0 comments
I was lucky enough to invite 6 month old Rhys and family into the studio for an Xmas shoot!
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UrbanX out of hospital
09th October 2010 - 0 comments
Following an accident whilst out exploring (alone) last night, urbanX was rushed to hospital with a head injury.
UPDATE: He has now made a full recovery and been discharged.
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UrbanX Debut Book Launch.
02nd August 2010 - 0 comments
The book “Pripyat” by UrbanX is has been launched today!

The book beautifully documents the abandoned city, as well as explaining some of the history of the disaster, with over 100 photographs, and a narrative.

The full colour, high quality hardback comes in its own presentation box, and is priced at £53.96. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in abandoned cities, photography, or simply as a stand-alone coffee table book.

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Prypiat / Chernobyl Portfolio now online
24th May 2010 - 0 comments
UrbanX has safely returned from the most radioactive place on Earth, minus a pair of shoes. A full narritive and photographs can be found the top portfolio.

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Government Animal Testing Facility Infiltration
19th May 2010 - 0 comments
UrbanX has recently infiltrated a Government Animal Testing Facility in rural Cambridgeshire.He was met by a world of restraint tables, triple airlocks, chemical showers, and Post-Mortem rooms.
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Severalls Lunatic Asylum Essays Added!!
19th January 2010 - 0 comments
In the 'Urban Exploration' Gallery.
Read them, they'll change your outlook on life.
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