Happy New Year from UrbanX:
01st January 2015 - 0 comments
Whether you were on top of a freezing rooftop, or in a crowded bar with mates, or at home with family - I hope you all had a wicked night last night and the hangover isn't too bad. A lot of crazy explores went down in 2014, lets hope 2015 is just as crazy!
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Dereliction 56 Released:
30th December 2014 - 0 comments
After trying to bribe the staff unsuccessfully, we cheekily freeclimb a 16 Storey hotel!

Merry UrbanX-mas!
25th December 2014 - 0 comments
UrbanX isn't a Christian, but he does know today is the day there is likely to be no security on most sites... #justsayin

Have a great day everyone, make sure you have a glass of wine for me!

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Dereliction Addiction 57 Released
15th December 2014 - 0 comments
Video to accompany rooftopping Iris Hotel and Crown building:

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7 Million Views!
10th December 2014 - 0 comments
Awesome stuff, thank you everyone. It means so much to know that people are actually looking at my site!
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Rooftop P Report added:
05th December 2014 - 0 comments
I always had this romantic idea of skulking about Westminster on the same night Guy Fawkes did 409 years ago. Cloaked in a hoods and avoiding the authorities our plot went plan, and we scaled 17 storeys to claim the best view of the fireworks with Big Ben and the Thames as the backdrop!

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Reports back to every 5 days!
01st December 2014 - 0 comments
Hey! You may remember a couple of months back I started adding reports every week instead of every 5 days. From now on they will be back up every 5 days, on the 5th, 10th, 15th etc. of each month, so don't forget to keep checking back!
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Dereliction Addiction 55 Added:
25th November 2014 - 0 comments
A terrifying crawl through the Kiev drainage system!

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Beech Manor Report added:
10th November 2014 - 0 comments
I know I've been slacking on my UK reports lately, so here's a little beauty!

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Night climbers of Nov 5th
05th November 2014 - 0 comments
Best wishes to all my comrades out climbing rooftops to get the best views tonight!
Stay safe, have fun, and don't forget to share your photos in the morning!

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Dereliction Addiction 54 Added:
31st October 2014 - 0 comments
Video Accompaniment to the Maidan Square - Kiev Report

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6.5 Million Hits!
03rd October 2014 - 1 comment
Thanks everyone!
That's equivalent to like 1 in 10 of the UK population!
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